Each of our practitioners are handpicked for their particular experience, skillset, background and expertise in order to enrich the work we do and provide you with the best possible client experience. We are always looking to grow our dedicated team, so feel free to enquire below to find out more about becoming an associate or read on to learn more about the team.






MSc. BSc.(Hons)  I   ✉ david.buckley@thesummitpath.co.uk

I "An exciting young scholar" - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC I

Founded on a diverse academic background in both the natural and social sciences, David holds a broad understanding on human needs and relationships which is underpinned by a varied curiosity in perception & emotion science and coaching & counselling theory & practice. He has a particular interest in the biology of the mind and the application of trans-personal, somatic & evolutionary approaches in coaching, and enjoys exploring the links between evolutionary theory, human ecology and psychology to facilitate gains in individual and team performance.

Described as a “dedicated and conscientious practitioner with great balance of mind and intuition”, David applies an integrative and holistic approach within his practice and is widely experienced in supporting individuals in a range of professional settings across the fields of Business, Sport, Education and the Arts. Alongside working with clients, he is also responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day management of The Summit Path.


Glyn Profile.jpg


Senior Associate


MA.(Hons)  I   ✉ glyn.bottrell@thesummitpath.co.uk

Glyn believes that in developing our individual potential and nurturing the connections between us, together we have the potential to improve the world we live and work in. Bringing a balance of care and challenge, he creates a safe space in which people can explore their relationship to themselves, others and the world. Recognising that we can all get stuck as we step forward into the uncertainty and complexity of life, Glyn helps people find the necessary resources and resilience to experiment with new ways of thinking and being.

Glyn has over 25 years professional experience across diverse sectors, roles and countries, including senior leadership positions. This experience, underpinned by training in the latest coaching, leadership and organisation development theory and practice, enables him to support individuals, teams and organisations in exploring and moving forward on a wide range of issues. Glyn is a key contributor to The Summit Path vision and a lead practitioner in our coaching programmes.


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BA, MSc, Phd, DClinPsy, CPsychol

Anwen is an experienced psychologist, committed to making psychology useful for individual, schools and business. Passionate about supporting people to achieve their potential and reducing psychological distress by promoting understanding and self-awarness, she applies psychological theory and practice through bespoke resilience and well-being training programmes and psychometric assessment.

She has completed research degrees at masters and doctoral level investigating responses to stress and depression, and holds a Clinical Psychology doctorate which enables her to practice as as Chartered Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professions Council. With interests in linking brain health to resilience, well-being and performance she is able to draw upon her research and applied knowledge to meet the needs of the clients she works with by providing evidence based bespoke support.


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BSc. (Hons)

Lisa Jones is a Health & Well-being Coach and Therapist. A qualified Psychotherapist and Life Coach registered with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) including their Coaching and Children and Young People’s Divisions as well as The Association for Coaching. After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Counselling, she went on to work with adults to overcome addiction and mental health issues.

The specific focus of her work addresses the mind-body connection and the impact our language (self-talk) and belief system has on both physical and mental health. The principles of neuroscience underpin the work Lisa does as she believes it is essential to educate people on how the brain works, how to influence mindset and to understand neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form and re-organise neural connections). By doing so, this enables us to learn positive thought patterns and behaviours promoting resilience, confidence and potential.


Nicola Searle.jpg




BA (Hons). CIPD Level 7

Nicola has over 15 years’ experience in Human Resources working across various sectors (community-voluntary, commercial, public and manufacturing) always with a strong operational focus. As well as working in the field of HR Nicola is also an Associate Lecturer at the University of  Exeter and Plymouth, teaching on under and post graduate modules such as Organisational Behaviour, Managing Change, Talent Management and People Management.

Nicola’s niche is working at grass roots levels supporting first time managers develop their people skills; but is equally at home coaching senior managers through complex people issues. Nicola’s approach is very informal, hands-on and practical and she likes to work closely with individuals to understand exactly what is needed in order to help people achieve their people goals with confidence and clarity. 


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BA. (Hons)

Tom is a talking therapist and a coach. He works with people to help them overcome personal limitations and boundaries and to take ownership of their life decisions. Tom comes from a background of working with people in adventurous activities, especially rock climbing where he learned optimal ways to show people that they are so much more capable than their thinking would have them believe. Tom is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Master Coach and a Master of Hypnosis all of which are accredited with the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Asides from talking therapy and emotional healing work, he specialises in helping people to overcome phobias. Tom studies Non Violent Communication (NVC), mindfulness, and other forms of compassionate thinking including stoic and Buddhist philosophies. Tom believes that everybody is doing the best they can with the resources they have, and his work allows people to take a journey of self discovery and self kindness to heal the shadows of the past so that they can bring more presence into their life. Tom’s key phrase is "become the change you seek in the world" and he lives to embody universal compassion, self kindness, self discipline, presence of mind and tranquility.