What We Do


unlocking high-performance by understanding the power of perception

Our labour takes place ‘behind the scenes’ in parts of you that can often appear hidden or are easy to forget and ignore. We work in a place that informs action and thought and we are specialists in reaching beyond what you do, what you think, and how you dream and create.  We work with what you see and how you see it; with what you value and believe. We work with who you are.


Working with The Summit Path is a unique, tailor-made experience driven by our passionate client centred attitude and flexible delivery approach

Founded on a philosophy of experimentation and collaboration, we strive to challenge what is known about the relationship between perception and performance and are committed to testing, experimenting and discovering different ways of thinking in the pursuit of maximising the output of the people we work with and establishing positive change for you, your business, society and the environment.


Your perspective is the lens fitted on your life and our services help adjust your life lens

In photography the lens is the most important part of a camera. Even the most basic camera fitted with a good quality lens will take a better picture than a highly refined camera fitted with a poor quality lens. Just like your camera lens, your perspective is the most important part of you.

Your viewpoint is the foundation upon which you base your values and beliefs. They are also the footing for your thoughts, decisions, actions and behaviours. Like the ripples created by a pebble breaking the surface of a lake; a seemingly small alteration here can instigate large scale change in the rest of your life. Sometimes making the change you desire will only necessitate sharpening the focus of your current lens. Yet, other ambitions could require you to find and fit a brand new lens which is right for you and the picture you wish to capture.

Whatever your motivation, this is why The Summit Path exists and we are here to help you.